Initially scheduled on August 26-28 2020 at NYC SUNY Global Center, ICGI’20 was held on-line at the end of the summer 2021 (August 23-27, 2021).  This bi-annual conference  focuses on all aspects of grammar learning, including (but not limited to) theoretical and experimental analysis of different models of grammar induction, and algorithms for induction of different classes of languages and automata.

This edition provided a particular insight  on the relation with connectionist models such as neural networks: tutorials and most invited speakers focused on that subject and authors were encouraged to submit works on that subject.

Our program contains all needed details about the different events and provides links to the papers and corresponding presentation videos.

The proceedings have been published by Proceedings of Machine Learning Research (PMLR) as volume number 153.


For any question, please send an email to any of the organizers.